Antecedence to Creativity

Effect of belief in God on creativity

In one project, my collaborators and I have demonstrated that monotheistic believers are less creative when they are thinking about God because thinking about God activates a passive followership mindset (Krause, Goncalo, & Tadmor, 2021).

Selected Publications:

Consequences of Creativity

My collaborators and I are focusing our research on the rarely explored consequences of creativity and innovation (Khessina, Goncalo, & Krause, 2018)

Effect on secrecy

My collaborators and I determined that engaging in creative work, in comparison to practical work, feels liberating and thus lifts the physical burden of keeping a big secret (Goncalo, Vincent, & Krause, 2015).

Effect on indulgences

My collaborators and I have demonstrated that individuals who engage in creative brainstorming subsequently indulge more than individuals who engage in control tasks. The creative brainstormers created burgers with higher calorie conent, cocktails with higher alcohol content, chose candy more frequently, and ate more candy. (Krause, Vincent, Goncalo, & Ferguson, unpublished).

Selected Publications: