Main research interests in micro organizational behavior

  1. Creativity Research


In my dissertation, I demonstrate in several studies that the ideas generated for a consumer group are significantly less novel when one takes the perspective of someone of this group beforehand, and I argue that this is due to stereotyping.

In another project, my collaborators and I have found that thinking about God stifles creative thought because the thought of God makes one feel watched (under review at Academy of Management Discoveries).


Furthermore, I am involved in several research projects that look at the consequences of engaging in creative work at the individual level, or being innovative at the organizational level (revise and resubmit at Research in Organizational Behavior).

For example, my collaborators and I determined that engaging in creative work, in comparison to practical work, feels liberating and thus lifts the physical burden of keeping a big secret (revise and resubmit at Journal of Experimental Social Psychology).

2. Academic Entitlement and Experiments in Institutional Theory

My collaborator and I investigate how to prevent students and employees from becoming overly entitled.

My collaborators and I have revived conducting experiments in institutional theory.

3. Clinical Psychology Research

Last, I used to research schizophrenia. A list of schizophrenia related publications can be found via the link below.