I value being an effective and accessible instructor and mentor.

Teaching Experience:

At Cornell, I taught a total of four sections as a teaching assistant in the undergraduate Introduction to Organizational Behavior class at ILR during the fall of 2011 and spring of 2012. In the summer of 2013 I taught this class as the instructor.

Last semester I took a course in Teaching in Higher Education, which introduced me to some new teaching methods, and confirmed that my teaching philosophy, which is heavily based on experiential learning, is already in accordance with effective teaching at the university level. I am prepared to, and interested in, teaching courses in Organizational Behavior, Creativity & Innovation, Negotiation, Leadership, Power & Politics, and others.

My Teaching Evaluation Scores

Mentorship Experience:

I have enjoyed helping my dissertation chair Jack Goncalo mentor four of the undergraduates who have conducted Bachelor’s theses under our guidance. Two of these students have gone on to Ph.D. programs in OB and one went on to law school. The fourth is currently conducting his thesis with our help. I look forward to having my own mentees in the future.

Additionally, my evaluation score of 4.92/5.00 from my summer school students concerning the question “How willing was the instructor to give help to students requesting it?” in my eyes corroborates that I have managed to not only let students know that I am available and happy to help them outside the classroom, but that they also took up that opportunity and were very pleased with the results. I developed mentor relationships with those students who desired it and, for example, provided them with advice on how to determine what major or career to choose. In fact, several of my students asked me for recommendation letters, which I was happy to write on their behalf. To me this signaled that they felt that I knew them well enough to say something meaningful about their skills and personality. I thus look forward to being a mentor to undergraduate and/or graduate students, and I strongly believe that I will be a helpful resource to them.